Ash Munshi

Ash Munshi, CEO

Before joining Pepperdata, Ash was executive chairman for Marianas Labs, a deep learning startup sold in December 2015. Prior to that he was CEO for Graphite Systems, a big data storage startup that was sold to EMC DSSD in August 2015. Munshi also served as CTO of Yahoo, as a CEO of both public and private companies, and is on the board of several technology startups.

  Sean Suchter

Sean Suchter, Cofounder and CTO

Sean was the founding GM of Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Search Technology Center, where he led the integration of Facebook and Twitter content into Bing search. Prior to Microsoft, Sean managed the Yahoo Search Technology team, the first production user of Hadoop. Sean joined Yahoo through the acquisition of Inktomi, and holds a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech.

  Chad Carson

Chad Carson, Cofounder

At Microsoft, Yahoo, and Inktomi, Chad led teams using huge amounts of data building web-scale products, including social search at Bing and sponsored search ranking and optimization at Yahoo. Before getting into web search, Chad worked on computer vision and image retrieval, earning a Ph.D. in EECS from UC Berkeley. Chad also holds Bachelor’s degrees in History and Electrical Engineering from Rice.

  Ed Colonna

Ed Colonna, VP of Marketing and Business Development

Working for successful enterprise technology companies such as PeopleSoft, Extensity, Mercury Interactive and nCircle, Ed drove large scale growth through the development of new products and categories, company and product launches and strategic partnerships. Most recently he built one of the first commercially successful cloud security platforms scaling to over 10,000 users and 150 partners in less than 12 months.

Board and Advisors


Andy Ludwick, Board member

Andy served as CEO of Bay Networks, Inc., a communications networking company, from 1994 to 1996. From 1985 to 1994, Andy was founder, President, and CEO of SynOptics Communications, Inc. In addition to Pepperdata, Andy serves on the board of directors at several public and private companies. Andy holds a B.A. from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 


Ed Cluss, Board member

Ed is a partner with Signia Venture Partners and board member of Nativo, Cie Games and Joy & Revelry. He served as CEO of InfoGear Technologies (original iPhone) and then as a VP and GM at Cisco from 1997 through 2001. From 1987 to 1995, Ed helped build startup Aspect Telecommunications into a profitable public company and served as Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development. Ed holds B.S. and M.S. Engineering degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 


Peter Wagner, Board member

Peter is a Founding Partner of Wing. He has led investments in dozens of early stage companies, more than 25 of which have gone on to complete IPOs or successful acquisitions. Before founding Wing, Peter helped lead Accel Partners for 15 years as Managing Partner. Prior to joining Accel, Peter was a manager at Silicon Graphics, previously worked with McKinsey and Company, and began his career as a physicist working in nuclear fusion research and aerospace. Peter holds an A.B. in Physics from Harvard College, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.


Vish Makhijani, Advisor

Vish is the President and COO of Udacity and an advisor and board member of several private companies. Prior to Udacity, Vish served as SVP of Network Products and COO at Zynga, as well as the President and CEO of Yandex Labs. Previously he served as SVP and General Manager of several search groups at Yahoo! and Inktomi. Vish holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.