Pepperdata develops software that governs and guarantees consistent, peak performance of Hadoop clusters from hundreds to thousands of nodes. Enterprises from startups to Fortune 50 companies trust Pepperdata to deliver transparency and control over distributed systems, and eliminate blind spots in Hadoop environments.

Pepperdata provides the only solution that can anticipate and avert cluster performance issues at both the user and job level to create order out of the chaos inherent in distributed computing. Its Adaptive Performance Core™ captures and processes second-by-second performance data to reshape application usage of CPU, RAM, network, and disk without user intervention, to ensure jobs complete on time. Pepperdata software dynamically prevents bottlenecks in multi-tenant, multi-workload clusters so that numerous users and jobs can run reliably on a single cluster at maximum utilization, increasing throughput by 30 to 50 percent. Job performance is enforced based on user-defined priorities and current cluster conditions, eliminating fatal contention for hardware resources and the need for workload isolation.

The software also precisely pinpoints where problems are occurring so that IT teams can quickly identify and fix troublesome jobs. By capturing global knowledge of each cluster and controlling processes in real time to deliver Quality of Service, the software reclaims control over unpredictable cluster environments so that enterprises can realize untapped value from existing distributed infrastructures. The software installs in under an hour, runs on existing clusters, and is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions.

With Pepperdata, enterprises can realize untapped value from existing distributed infrastructures and finally apply big data to more use cases to meet business objectives.