Pepperdata software is trusted on over 12,000 production nodes in companies of all sizes — including three Fortune 50 companies — and across industries as diverse as technology, advertising, financial services, energy, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Pepperdata automatically accelerates the performance of all your Big Data applications and clusters.
Pepperdata Adaptive Performance Core™ software captures and processes second-by-second performance data to automatically adjust application usage of CPU, RAM, network, and disk, in real time.

Guarantee Quality of Service for Hadoop.

Pepperdata's software dynamically handles resource contention in real time with a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

Complete mission-critical jobs on time.  Reliably run multi-workload, multi-tenant clusters.

CASE STUDY: Upsight guarantees HBase SLAs with Pepperdata  >>

HBase protection

See an immediate 30-50% gain in throughput.

Our algorithms provide real-time feedback to the scheduler, letting you safely run more jobs on existing infrastructure.

Results you can see.  Run more jobs, run jobs faster, or reduce your hardware footprint.

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Capacity split test report

Spend 90% less time troubleshooting.

Pepperdata collects over 300 metrics for each queue, user, job, and process across CPU, memory, disk, and network I/O.

Deep visibility into your cluster.  Quickly see which user, queue, or job is hogging resources for any time period.

Be more productive with detailed, granular metrics >>